Hibberts in England

Robert Hibbert 1630-1700, father of...

Robert Hibbert 1686-1762, father of Thomas Hibbert (The Eldest) & John [of Jamaica] & ...

Robert Hibbert 1717-1784, father  of 13 including:
Thomas, John, Robert, William, of Jamaica & Samuel and George of England.

Samuel 1752-1786. Married Mary Greenhalgh and died aged 34 at  Nantes in France. 2 sons, 2 daughters. There is no evidence that he visited or spent any time in Jamaica. His son also named Samuel 1783-1867 married George Hibberts daughter Caroline 1808-1873. Samuel senior was a partner in various Hibbert syndicates prior to his death. This position seems to have been ‘kept open’ until his son joined the firm it also seems that Mary, a rich heiress in her own right, had an important influence over the various syndicates and firms. Mary Greenhalgh being the sister of William Hibberts wife Elizabeth. Samuel Hibbert Junior was an important member of the firm. Mrs Samuel Hibbert (Senior) , William and his brother George all lived on Clapham Common.

George Hibbert 1757-1837.  M.P.,F.R.S.,F.L.S.,F.A.S. The youngest of the brothers was the intellectual powerhouse of the business, his biographical notes appear elsewhere.

George Hibbert’s Sons:

George 1792-1795 died aged 2. Buried St Paul’s Clapham.

Nathaniel 1794-1865, Educated at Eton and Trinity College Cambridge married Emily the second daughter of Rev. Sydney Smith, Dean of St Paul’s. Three children. He was a Barrister at Law, Lincoln’s Inn and a director of the West India Docks Co. Published, ‘An Abstract of the case of the West India Dock Co. As established in evidence before The Committee on Foreign Trade’ 1823. He inherited Munden near Watford on the death of his mother in 1841.

George 1796-1882. Educated at Eton and Trinity College Cambridge. Lived at 21 Queen St. Mayfair. Died unmarried, estate of about £70,000. Director of the West India Dock Co. The bulk of his estate to Sydney George Holland.

Edward 1797-1824 Joined the Royal Navy as a Midshipman on the urging of the Duke of Clarence the future King William IV. Served with distinction becoming one of the youngest Captains in the Royal Navy. Wrote a Journal of his journey over the Andes in Winter titled Narrative of a Journey from Santiago De Chile to Buenos Ayres in July and August 1821. Published posthumously in 1824. Died aged 27 in Edinburgh after a short illness.

Henry Roberts 1806-1825. The youngest of George Hibberts 14 children died a few months after arriving in Jamaica aged 19.